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New England Sketch-Book

"Newburyport and its Environs" Stereoview Cards | Series 1

"Newburyport and its Environs" Stereoview Cards | Series 1

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We are beyond excited to showcase the first collaboration between New England Sketch Book and the Museum of Old Newbury with our Series 1 "set" of 12 re-released stereoview cards.

These fantastic bygone images were selected directly from the Museum's extensive archive of 19th century cards captured by local photographers of the 1860s & 1870s. They beautifully reflect the vibrance, industry, legacy and community spirit of this historic maritime city and its surrounding towns.

We have included a detailed description on the origin date, location and special event on the reverse of each card which provides tremendous viewing and historical context.

Importantly, this entire effort was advanced to help build awareness and support for the great work of the Museum - so a portion of the proceeds of every sale will go directly to the Museum of Old Newbury.

To learn more about the Museum, its efforts, collections, staff and community programs- click HERE !

These stereoview cards can be viewed through almost any functional antique viewer (there were millions made over the course of their presence in homes throughout the world) - or via our replica wood Walnut Stereoscopes or with our Patent Owl Stereoscope.


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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