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New England Sketch Book

Walnut Stereoscope Viewer

Walnut Stereoscope Viewer

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It's been an amazing journey working with the Museum of Old Newbury to bring their stereoview collection to life and share with our community and visitors.

In searching for contemporary businesses to help us bring this vision to reality, we were thrilled to find a humble US based company that has committed themselves to keeping this wonderful photographic experience alive by crafting high quality stereoscopes of walnut with a leather hood. This "parlor" style design looks fantastic in any room and was an entertainment mainstay in homes throughout the world from the mid 1800s all the way to 1920.

This stereoscope helps you enjoy the fascinating 3D imagery of the past and is made with hand-finished wood, has precision optics, a focus adjusting slide, with a decorative wood stand creating a wonderful conversation piece as well as hours of fun viewing with standard vintage or replica stereo cards (most commonly 7"L x 3.5" H)

The stereoscope out of its box and in its stand is:
8 3/4" tall (in the stand)
13" long
6 3/4" wide

Hand made in USA


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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