Now Open in Newburyport

NESB is evolving & expanding our mission in 2022.

Come enjoy a unique shopping experience that captures and reflects New England by combining innovative area artisans, carefully sourced reclaimed materials & newly created products rich in tradition. Each item will carries the voice of our region, its people, heritage, and legacy of quality

We are very excited to have opened our shop in such an amazing community that is so committed to history, the arts, and local crafts. ​

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  • Re-Imagined Craftwork

    Our region is rich in the artifacts of history. In skilled & inventive hands-these items tranform into new creative works that are imbided, enriched and reflective of New England's story.

  • Unique & One-of-Kind Creations

    We are passionate storytellers. We select each item that provides a creations anchored in New England themes & traditions, coupled with the craftsperson's artistic vision.

  • Preserving a Legacy of Beauty

    Age is a beautiful thing. Every thick-grained clapboard, tarnished iron valve, or bubbled slice of glass carries a warm signature that only time and use can author

  • Commitment to Our Region

    We believe in making every effort to not only support area artists & craftspeople - but to source as much production & root materials locally.

Calling Local Artisans!

We are always looking for interesting , inventive artisans & craftspeople that are commited to quality workmanship. If you are interest in finding out how to participate in NESB's mission - contact us ar

" Time flies over us, but leaves it's shadow behind. "

Nathaniel Hawthorne