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Ron Mello Studios

Sgraffito Stoneware | Lidded Vessel

Sgraffito Stoneware | Lidded Vessel

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This one-of-a-kind sgrafitto stoneware vessel work includes a nickel & cork lid with a 100-year-old quill bobbin head.

With beautifully carved decorations of fish, patterns and leaves - this piece is visually striking with rich glaze navy tones.

10.2" H x 9.1" W

About the Artist | Ron Mello Studios

Ron Mello is a southeastern Massachusetts artist that create works across multiple creative mediums including on pottery, painting, & prints.

With key focus on rich, beautifully textured porcelain, stoneware, decorative Raku, Ron incorporates found and reclaimed objects into many of his fired pieces.

His artwork has been featured in movie and TV productions and is represented in national and international collections, as well as being featured in numerous galleries, shops and museums.


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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