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New England Sketch-Book

Grape Island Postcard Layflat Notebook | 7" x 9"

Grape Island Postcard Layflat Notebook | 7" x 9"

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On our opening day in Newburyport - our very first customer walked in and asked "Do you sell art supplies? " which, of course, lead to explanations on our 19th literary homage to early American writers in our name!

BUT- as the inquiries persisted and being a lifelong and avid doodler/sketcher - I couldn't resist making our first New England Sketch Book sketchbook/notebook!! 

The cover image is derived from an early 1900s postcard of a stand of small sloops leisurely gathered at Grape Island in Plum Island Sound.   Grape Island is part of the Ipswich MA section of Plum IslandFor nearly two centuries, Grape Island was a small, but thriving community of fishermen, farmers, and clam diggers, until the land was purchased by the US Government and turned into part of the wildlife refuge Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Our exclusive NESB notebooks have ultra thick 100 gsm paper that is bleed-free and are made for your favorite pencil, pen, or marker, and allow you to choose the design and style with ease.

We hate (such a strong word, I know) cheap notebooks that fall apart from normal wear and tear. These NESB are not only awesome to carry and look at - but built with durable smyth-sewn library-quality binding, making it able to fit into your purse or backpack without having to worry about the pages falling out. 

7" W x 9" H 


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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