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Jeannette Esposito

Jeannette Steele Esposito | "Little Neck No.1" | Vertical

Jeannette Steele Esposito | "Little Neck No.1" | Vertical

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Framed by Artist - 14"W x 18" H

Jeanette Steele Esposito has brought her broad bush style and color to a beautiful new "Little Neck" series here at Sketch Book.

This original work is painted on canvas and framed by the artist & ready to hang. The end framed size on this piece is 18"H x 14"W
About the artist:

Jeannette Steele Esposito lives in Ipswich, MA, which provides her with a constant source of beauty and inspiration for her abstracted landscape paintings. She paints in acrylics as well as oil and cold wax.

A few words from Jeanette “Painting, for me, is all about color and form, Harmony and Balance. The vibration of one color reacting to another, like music. One note in relation to the next, the spaces between the notes…

The joy of the brush dancing across the canvas, The Jazz Of It All!”.


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