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Gravestone Girls

Dead by the Shed

Dead by the Shed

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The sun set suddenly on 16 year old Jasper Cummings by the fall of a shed May 28, 1824. However, there is promise a new day will break for him with the sunrise of the next world. Until then, he rests, waiting, in Ye Olde Kirkyard, Attleborough, Massachusetts.

One of the many amazing colonial castings we have in the Newburyport shop by the Gravestone Girls of Worcester MA. Colonial stone carvers were true folk artists, and we are blessed to live an area where we can immerse ourselves in the artistry of their work. Importantly, these casting are hand-formed and finished, and no stones are ever impacted by the creation methods. The Gravestone Girls are deeply committed to preservation - and can often be found speaking to groups about cemetery conversation throughout the region.

Given the hand-made nature of the process - each casting may have some variation in color and tone.

Dimensions : 5' diameter w/saw tooth hanger on rear. Stand not included.



Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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