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New England Sketch-Book

Flag of New England | Hand Stitched

Flag of New England | Hand Stitched

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The most enduring symbol of New England iconography is the Pine tree. Our impassioned colonists wished to distinguish themselves from other parts of the British Empire – so they made an addition to the red ensign of the Royal Navy. This new design used the cross of St George but would also contain the image of a tree in the top left corner of the flag. . The first recorded sighting of the flag was noted in a Naval Insignia book in 1686. To many in the Empire, they saw it as an insulting defacement.

By the time of the American Revolution the pine flags gained prominence in the region and were seen on Patriot New Englander naval vessels from the coast of Nova Scotia to the Charles River.

This design had many incarnations, with & without cantons, or in red vs blue - but the beloved pine tree was always the cornerstone of the region's representation. This version has been titled "The Bunker Hill flag" - for a like inclusion in Trumball's famous 1786 oil painting "The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill"  displayed in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

This incredibly special flag and made with hand-cut appliques and hand sewn in Woburn MA exclusively for New England Sketch Book. It was crafted by the areas oldest flag company, New England Flag & Banner, that has been in business since 1892 and have created the most iconic banners in the area including all of the Boston Garden championship banners for the Celtics and Bruins and Red Sox and Fenway championship flags and buntings all the way back to the first Boston Americans world series championship in 1903.

We could not have imagined any other company making this flag and in no other place but our home. It represents the headstrong spirit of this region, the identity and pride of its people, and the depth of the area's history & heritage.  

This flag is nothing short of stunning and reflective of the incredible quality of its makers. It measures 3' x 5' with hand-cut, hand-sewn appliques right here in Massachusetts and is made of nylon to ensure a long life of rich color and durability.


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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