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Charles Bulfinch Wood- Hand Carved "Sign"

Charles Bulfinch Wood- Hand Carved "Sign"

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Charles Bulfinch & Broad Street Wood

Charles Bulfinch (1763 –844) was an early American architect & regarded as the first American-born professional architect to practice. Boston born and bred – he watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from his family home.

Bulfinch was deeply influenced by neoclassical building design and translated this influence into a distinctly Federal design principal for architectural works for the new, fledgling nation. His impact is deeply reflected across Boston’s most iconic structures and facilities including the Massachusetts State House, University Hall at Harvard, Boston Common’s park configuration and Faneuil Hall.

Due to this impressive body of work – Bulfinch was appointed the Architect of the Capitol by James Monroe to help rebuild Washington DC after the War of 1812. During this period, he is most known for completing the current Capital Building and its wings, center and dome (then wood).

Early in his professional journey in 1805 –he designed a structure on Broad Street in Boston to help build improvements to the waterfront & support the transformation of Boston into one of the leading centers of trade and commerce in the United States.

This “sign” is designed and carved on exceedingly rare original spruce from this Broad Street location. It is one of the few remaining commercial Federal period structures within the Central Business District of Boston and was undergoing renovations that necessitated its removal. It was noted to be the first available “Bulfinch wood” in over 35 years and we were incredibly fortunate to acquire a very small amount of stock to create this uniquely historic piece.

We endeavored to respect the rarity of this source material, so "finishing" was select and limited to ensure the original character of the wood was sustained. As such, it carries markings, cracks, tones and saw marks that are reflective of its 200+ year age and application.

Gorgeous artifact of Massachusetts history and an incredible, and beautiful, conversation piece. 

Dimensions Appx 4' L x 1' H with mounted 43" aluminum cleat hanger.

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