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Boston's West End

Boston's West End

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Boston's old West End, now demolished, is revealed here in the history of its residents and buildings in more than 200 photographs.

Within these pages, author Anthony Mitchell Sammarcobrings to life the history of Boston's West End--thearea of the city bound by the Charles River and Storrow Drive as well as North Station, City Hall Plaza, and Myrtle Street. Once a thriving, energetic, and diverse neighborhood, the West End was slated for complete removal following World War II. In over 200 marvelous photographs, this collection recaptures fond memories for former residents and shows newcomers the history of the West End.

Now the site of luxury, high-rise apartment buildings, condominiums, and stores, Boston's West End was once the site of many Bulfinch-designed townhouses owned by prominent families. In later years, the neighborhood was home to a diverse ethnic and religious community of families who arrived in Boston from all parts of the world.

Today,three decades after the West End was virtually leveled, it is still fondly remembered by many who once called it home.


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