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1848 Lithograph | Giclee Print | "View of Newburyport" by FH Lane

1848 Lithograph | Giclee Print | "View of Newburyport" by FH Lane

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Framed giclee print of Fitz Henry Lane's "View of Newburyport" (from Salisbury) that was originally published by A.Conant in 1848. This beautiful lithograph across the Merrimack River is richly detailed (as was common to Lane's work) and illustrates the grandeur and bustle of the area's maritime and shipbuilding trades. 

Striking period-style frame - appx 20 1/2" L x 14 1/2" H

About Fitz Henry Lane

Born in 1804 & raised along the working harbor of Gloucester where his father was a sail maker, Lane was an American painter and printmaker that became known as a master of early American maritime compositions and “luminism” for his use of pervasive light.

Self-taught as an artist – Lane departed to Boston to develop his style & creative skills through employment at Pendleton's Lithography shop from 1832 to 1847.

Lane was able to use the experience (& his life on the waterfront) to produce marine paintings of an exceptionally high quality & with keen detail.

By 1840, he officially identified his profession as a "marine painter" in the Boston Almanac. As he continued to refine his technique, demand for his paintings greatly increased.

In 1848, Lane returned to Gloucester where he built a home and working studio on Duncan’s Point (it still stands) with a view of the harbor. He continued to produce stunning maritime and seascape paintings until the end of his life in 1865.

Despite being recognized as America’s premier painter of maritime themes during his lifetime - Lane’s work fell into obscurity after his death. He was re-discovered in the 1930s and now commands auction highs of $3 to $5 million.


A few words about the production 

One of the challenges of re-printing 19th century lithographs is that hand-colorization was unique per piece. As such, I found most existing available versions of this prints as too light on color and depth. Fortunately - I was able to rework my personal favorite version, which incorporated a more comprehensive and dramatic coloration of the sky - a focus that was common in Lane compositions.

I selected the art house firm I use for *all* of my glass negative printing work and chose a German hemp-based paper to provide the level of sharpness that is reflective of mid 1800s printing techniques. In addition, I framed in a manner more in keeping with the style of the era that is highly complementary to the subject.

I will attest that I was personally thrilled with the production quality in all respects.


Unique, one-of-a-kind artist work. Materials will vary by eachh artist and creation. See description for detail.


Due to the unique, one-of-a-kind nature of our artist and craftsman work and the handling and packaging they require - we have set a rate of $16.00.


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