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New England Sketch Book

Ice Storm | Late 1800s Metal Print with Historic Wood Stand

Ice Storm | Late 1800s Metal Print with Historic Wood Stand

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We are passionately committed to preserving, and sharing, New England's amazing images and historic narratives. This commitment has been an active passion for decades and spans across all manner of regional artifacts. One area of this focus has been the preservation, cleaning (carefully) and digitization of historic glass negatives.

In many ways we saw these wonderful and cultural captures as photographic orphans - disconnected from their original printed creation- often boxed in stacks and thrust into an inglorious attic or barn archive. The thrill is finding unique, interesting compositions that reflect the subtle, point in time activity, now lost or forgotten, of a bygone era.

Each year we will create a series of beautiful items based on a select set of negatives from NESB's archive. We titled this stunning image "Ice Storm" which was taken in Lynn Massachusetts in the late 1880s/early 1890s. after the streetscape and elms were encased in ice via one of the area's winter storms. 

The watermark shown is removed for production and will not be on your final print. Each plate is marked with an embossed identifier for the NESB negative collection.

We chose to make these 8"x 8" prints on HD Chromaluxe® Metal that use a dye-sublimation process that fuses the vintage image to the surface of a rigid aluminum panel. These provide a modern look when decorating your home or office.

Each comes with a hand-made historic wood "stand" made from 1890-1900 Portsmouth Navy yard redwood that have been milled to showcase the unique character, color and grain of this beautiful wood that was used for an on-site water tank. Each stand receives a hand rubbed finish will vary based on its cut.


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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