Sunday June 4th from 12pm to 4pm

Onsite Only at our shop at 1 Water Street Rear, Newburyport

Join us for a Special In-Store Podcast Event

We are very excited to have Lori Mortimer , host of the amazing podcast "Mementos" , speaking with visitors and recording Guest segments on site.

We encourage our local visitors to participate in this unique broadcast event, and discuss your own Memento story.

See below for information on how to participate - or email us at for more details.

To Learn More about Mementos - visit their website HERE & follow Lori's Instagram

About Mementos:

Mementos is an independently produced, narrative podcast about the emotional backstories to the objects we keep. Every memento is a deeply personal container for memories, emotions, and human connection.

The show explores how simple objects―from roller skates, to a box of letters, to a parrot’s tail feather―gain importance and meaning through personal experiences.

On each episode, a guest tells the deeper story behind their keepsake, and in the process, they reflect upon, and sometimes wrestle with, complex life experiences and memories. The stories are personal, but the experiences and emotions are relatable and resonate with all of us

Interested in being a GUEST with YOUR Memento?

Tell us about your object!

Does it have a deep meaning or personal connection?

Something you hold onto for a reason
("I can't let this go because...")?

You have a story to tell about it.

It makes you feel something when you look at it or think about it?

If you have such an item you wish to talk about and share its story - tell us more! Click button below.