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Michael Updike

Slate Carving | Sperm Whale Goldleaf Framing | Updike

Slate Carving | Sperm Whale Goldleaf Framing | Updike

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Striking, painted sperm whale carving on antique roof slate tile by stone artist Michael Updike. Pained gold border design that produces a wonderful reflective quality with both natural and interior lighting. Additional incised harpoon.

Item Detail:

  • 18" w x 10" h
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind creation
  • Signed by artist

About the Artist |

Michael Updike graduated from Mass College of Art and received his MFA from Vermont College. He is a long-standing North Shore artist of unique, nuanced works that mirror the legacy stone carving traditions of New England.

Trained as a sculptor, he recently began creating artistic personalized memorial stones as well as unique slate carvings. His work challenges the pictorial paradigms of additive imaging. “I honed my carving skills on old slate roof shingles which then became my primary medium. I use slate with outward signs of wear. Paint, tar, nail holes, fractures, chips and flaking tell of the slates former utilitarian life. The scars of its history rest on its surface while I cut through the patina revealing fresher layers of stone.”.


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Due to the unique, one-of-a-kind nature of our artist and craftsman work and the handling and packaging they require - we have set a priority mail flat rate of $15.00. This ensures rapid delivery and signature support upon reciept.


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