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Port Rec Roller Rink | Die Cut Sticker

Port Rec Roller Rink | Die Cut Sticker

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The “Golden Age” of roller skating took place between 1937 and 1959. Over 18 million Americans took advantage of the roller craze for its fun, exercise, and stress relief to families, including soldiers of the time that had just returned to civilian life from WW2.  Roller skating became so large that it brought about area leagues, teams, and provided a destination activity for neighborhood kids. As a result - over 5,000 rinks were built in the US.

This original design has a great vintage style and was created for the Port Recreation Centre in Newburyport MA in the1950s.  Port Rec was key place for kids to go after school and on weekends with friends with roller skating upstairs and bowling on the lower level. The Recreation Centre invokes great memories for those that grew up in this area - but ultimately succumbed to fire in the 1980s. A large shopping center now sits over its legacy location.

This durable, matt finished sticker measures appx 3"H x 2.5" W


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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