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Goodson Woodcraft

Birch Ale bowl with hand-carved "dahlia" design | plum over deep sapphire milk paint

Birch Ale bowl with hand-carved "dahlia" design | plum over deep sapphire milk paint

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Combining carving and multi-layered milk paint - this bowl is a dramatic, rich and stunning piece.

We love the use, and rich colors, of this ancient paint incorporated by Goodson Woodcraft. Milk Paint is a wood finish that, in bygone days, would combine natural pigments with a farmer's milk and other locally sourced ingredients. It is environmentally friendly & is a sustainable material from a craft perspective. This paint will not flake off (unless of course, you want to give it a chipped antique finish...), will not peel, will provide a country-style finish, an antique patina, natural and the deep colors, tones and textures only available with milk paint and natural pigments. 

Inspired by European, especially Norse, “ale bowls” that migrated with early settlers. Many European cultures have a long history of drinking from bowls. For example, the modern French café au lait “cup” is a hold-over of this tradition.

All are designed to hold liquids well, with slightly enclosed forms and sometimes a lip. That said, these are great forms to hold anything, from soups to salads.
Appx 6 1/2" x 2 3/8"


Galvinzed, wrapped steel.


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