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My grandfather, TW (Thomas W), had a Maine manner of words – simplified, youthful, poetic, insightful, profoundly wry, & self deprecating. He was a long time lawyer by trade and amongst his stores – I found a small black binder with entries in TWs fluid hand.

It is a non-descript notebook & from what I can discern – it is a veritable stream of consciousness, thoughts, and anecdotes neatly jotted, more than likely, during court time.  I suspect, when one would observe our beloved counselor, it was assumed he was taking notes of great relevance to the case at hand, when in fact, it was everything from absurd comments uttered during trial, guiding principals of life,  drafting jokes, commentary on Calvin Coolidge, to  short missives and reflections on home.

Here I will endeavor to share some examples that exemplify his wit, wisdom and vibrant perspective.

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