The ScrapBooks

Every time I carefully look at one of Grandma Prince’s incredibly precious scrapbooks  – their delicacy and deterioration is painfully apparent. It is almost impossible to flip from page to page without the ancient glue loosening its grip on some random snapshot -as it escapes its decades of confinement and makes a bold motion for the table below. In fact, this glue – a standard bearer of this era of ephemera capture – have taken on the hues and tones of dark varnish – bleeding through anything even remotely porous.

As such, I decided , as a Phase 1 effort – to photo each book as best I could before trying to scan the enclosures in greater detail. Beyond my camera, tripod, lights and stand – my primary equipment was an essential roll of tape. As I moved from page to page, I endeavored to return each image to its proper location, matching markings and themes.

The rendering is hardly perfect – but a reasonably solid recreation of the pages and flow. I uploaded 2 images for each page so that you can double-click to zoom in and see the captions of Grandma Prince and read detail of the clippings. I am still working to fix movement to the very bottom of the page in zoom mode  – so bear with me until it is resolved.

In the meantime – enjoy this simple, heartfelt commitment that Grandma extended to each of her children. I can only imagine the time requirements – but certainly a wonderful reflection of the important, and not so important, events of the Prince kids of Brockton.

Clink this Pop's Scrap Book v1 link to Launch

One last note. In the lower left corner of the pop up window there is a small square which will expand & enlarge the viewing window. I would strongly recommend its use and email me with any questions or problems.

2 Responses to The ScrapBooks

  1. Diane Prince Shages says:

    This is the most wonderful project. I don’t know how you find time to do this. However, having looked through Bob’s albums many times since he died, I know this is a very important thing to do. I am wondering if you could recommend someone we could take Bob’s albums to and pay them to do what you have done with Phil’s. It would be well worth the price of admission as Dad used to say. Thank you. If you don’t mind communicating with me by email, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I will try to keep track of your Facebook posts. Love, Diane

    • Mugsy says:

      Hey Diane – I was personally pleased with the output (which doesn’t happen often) – but more than happy to execute the same for Bob’s albums as well. Its time consuming – but the I worked through a good process with the initial one for my Dad. To me – its important these are preserved just how Grandma Prince intended. Also – don’t know if you noticed – but you can click into the page to enlarge the area for specific items & writings. Basically I did this by making 2 images of each page and transitioning between the two as you click down & in. It feel like the same page – but its actually 2 files for each page in play :o) Glad you enjoyed.C

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