One of my favorite pictures from Acadia

Bass Harbor Light
Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) – the kids abstained from yet another adventure as the afternoon transitioned into evening. Tammy and I took a drive down to the far southern tip of the island to see Bass Harbor lighthouse….an amazing, diminutive 1850s structure. Off to the west – the sun was in decline…and the clouds thickened to filter the end of day light.
We found a short trail off to the left that lead to the bouldered, fragmented shoreline adjacent to the old house. We found a stable position amongst the handful of scattered people watching the same event, a few bounding from rock to rock, some tentatively, seeking an improved visual expanse, I started snapping away with the trusty Nikon. After about 10 minutes & numerous angles(as well as cursing the buffoons that naively walked into my range of view), a heavy mist rolled in from the south and this picture presented itself in ways I could not have invented, and would have surely assumed false or manipulated digitally.

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