Here we go again….

Yes – its that time again.  As I am sure is a familiar exercise for most ~ I once again pull out my tattered, well intentioned and very familiar list of yearly objectives so as to meet the arbitrary line of demarcation that is New Years. I cant help but wonder why I torture myself with the self revelation that few items are ever soundly removed ~ but rather return like persistent, perennial weeds of partially framed focus. Despite this doomed repetition, I will play along so heartily that I will even belief I can meet these objectives myself. So as to counter said pragmatic Corey ~ the following is a vastly more realistic portrayal of personal targets for this upcoming year 2012. It must be duly noted, as well, that I am more than pleased to put 2011 in the rear-view ~ it was an unrelenting turbulent sea of fog and reactive adaptation. Bring on the calendar based thresholds as catalysts of change & motion.It is time.

Things I may actually get done :::

  • Getting back into an aggressive gym regimen with the 1000s of other people eager to work off the obsessive holiday eating
  • Taking a nature walk 2 times a week
  • Reducing/eliminating my photographic focus (pun intended) on intriguiging architecutual elements and replacing it/them with a greater concentration on the uniqueness of people
  • Writing more regularly
  • Get my hands in the dirt more frequently
  • Reduce the amount of outwardly expressed words in my daily life
  • Digitize and share important archival stuff (images, stories, papers, etc)
  • Oodles of personal relationship stuff that I dont wish to share with the internet universe

Things I hope to accomplish but probably wont :::

  • Be more patient with others
  • Eat healthier
  • Be less opinionated and judgemental
  • Get back in a band
  • Travel less
  • Stop immitating Dick Clark on New Years Eve

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