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I have always had some difficulty finding may way out of the 19th century.  There was an element of that era in our history that has always had a tremendous appeal. Exploration & Discovery. Social experimentation & upheaval. Main Street. Horses. Wood. Steam. Cast iron. Much like the brazen, enthusiastic naivety of teenager – it was the growing years. Adventurous, clumsy, brutal & wonderful.

Growing up in New England was surely a major contributor to this crooked perspective of time & place. It also didnt help that my Mom jammed the walls with attic trinkets like a gadget tapestry of an ancient home. In this place ~ history always felt like something one could touch ~ not just view from behind museum glass. Its an odd dichotomy of passion I suppose – as my vocation (at least in terms of someone that will actually pay me to do *something* every day) is a technologist.

About 6 years ago, and after consuming way too much Washington Irving, I became enamored of the long lost literary phrase of “Sketch-Book” as used for stories and essays in the 19th century.  Finding domain name searches virtual entertainment~ I sought out New England Sketch Book (available – but too long) and subsequently truncated the caharacters to something vastly easier to type….nesketchbook.com. Voila – my stake of old-fashionedness was now firmly planted in the contemporary earth. Further, I had the twisted and all-together immature thought that New England Sketch Book would become my launch pad for writings, handiwork, photography & then some – with the notion that (gasp) I might even figure out a way to make some money during the process.  Well – as one could imagine – paying one’s bills during a crushing economic rainstorm took precendent  over stary eyed career modifications and my hopes of wearing wool sweaters every day.

Regardless of the impass of falters dreams, I realized (quite recently in fact) that it was time to launch Sketch Book to the world  despite its inability to feather my nest of future comfort.

At its very foundation, it is my love of this place, and more importantly, my desire to share that affection and appreciation.

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  1. Jane says:

    This is wonderful; don’t know how I missed it before.
    Came by your sketch book to peruse new writings…looking to return to a simpler time if only for a few minutes. This was a perfect escape. Thank you.

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